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What Islamic scholars have to say about attacking civilians

IMAGES of jihadists sanctifying God with their bloodshed are so rife on the internet and in the media that for many detractors of Islam the religion and...

This pastor should get a medal…

Finally, a pastor that has read the Bible. True Christians are not homophobes, but the reality is that most people in the church are just that "church people" with no idea what the bible says.

“Ardealul fără ardeleni” și sfâșierea Banatului | OPINII INCOMODE, un blog român-american

What Ronald Reagan Said When Korean Air 007 Was Shot Down by the Soviet Union in 1983

EXCLUSIV Becali şi Neţoiu au publicat cărţi plagiate de pe internet! Cum funcţionează afacerea care îi transformă pe puşcăriaşi în oameni de ştiinţă

10 demographic trends that are shaping the U.S. and the world | Pew Research Center

1 John 5:21. DIY. Printable Christian Poster. PDF. 8x10. Dear Children.Bible Verse

What is the long-term effect of Donald Trump?