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Sorry stalia/ marish, we're better

*Not One Direction Related* But a friend told me to start watching Teen Wolf so I guess I know how I can multitask.

You were serious? - Teen Wolf probably one of my favorite scenes.

I was sobbing during this scene

S4 Ep11 "A Promise to the Dead" - Liam, Stiles and Coach

Teen Wolf. Stiles. (season 2, episode 11)

Derek is a god. I mean, everyone on it is indescribably gorgeous, but there is no beating Derek. He is perfection. No. He's better than that. I do not have words for him

I feel like no matter how much we all hate the Nogitsune, we don't really hate it that much because he took Stiles' body. Also, this different side of acting for Dylan O'Brien makes him sooooo much more sexier...just saying

I was so angry with this, I stupidly logged into Facebook before I watched the new episode and RIGHT at the top was a massive picture saying "RIP Allison Argent" I swear I felt like my soul had been ripped in two I hate spoilers.