The Cadillac Chair statue was the city's 200th birthday present to itself. Unveiled in 1901, by 1941, it had become a favorite resting place for vagrants and was destroyed that year. This quirky monument is one of 15 lost landmarks chronicled in "Forgotten Landmarks of Detroit" by Dan Austin (History Press, $22.99, 263 pages).

Charles Lindbergh - Birthplace, 1220 Forrest Ave. W, Detroit (Note: site now demolished)

Historic Shot of the Michigan Soldier's and Sailor's Monument

Temple Bar Monument erected in 1880 showed the boundary between the city of London & the city of Westminster,London,England ~ by Gloria Bolton

22 Photos That Show Why Detroiters Love Their City

The Detroit Institute of Arts is probably the most underrated museum in the United States. | 22 Photos That Show Why Detroiters Love Their City

Infographic of Michigan facts

Infographic of Michigan facts

Dinosaur National Monument

City of Detroit

Detroit, Michigan Retro Style Skyline Poster by Lantern Press

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