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Teaching by Dave Butts - When we pray anything according to God's will, we know that God hears us and will answer us. The best way to pray is to open the Bible and then pray out the truth and plan that God has written for us.

Teaching by Dave Butts - Praise is the appropriate response to incredible attributes of God. Read the Psalms to get a big picture of the glory, majesty, and goodness of God. Our prayer life is only in focus when we put God in the right place.

Teaching by Dave Butts - Though it shouldn't be the sum total of our prayer life, it is important to bring all of our needs to God. Choose a posture of humility before a good and loving father and know that He loves to provide for us.

Teaching by Dave Butts - Thanking God is an essential part of our prayers. All we have comes from God. Thanking God acknowledges that we depend on Him. It stirs up humility in our hearts and allows God to answer our prayers.

Teaching by Dave Butts - It's not a popular topic, but confession allows us to agree with God about the sin in our lives. If we want to move forward in our relationship with God, allowing Him to forgive us, heal us, and hear our prayers, we can't omit this part of our prayer life.

2016 held the death of my mom...but the beginning of her eternity with Jesus. It brought a total hip replacement for me due to osteonecrosis...6 months off work and the loss of my job. My boss gave my position away. I know God has something better in store for me.... Heavenly Father.... Thank you for one more day and a new year to trust in You!