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Fangs, Claws, Wands - Preface

Read "Fangs, Claws, Wands - Preface" #wattpad #vampire

It's impossible to figure out how to outline any one aspect of your story in isolation. Instead, learn 3 ways to "bob and weave" from one to the next.

Stephen King On Writing Infographic || I actually have his book on how to write I just need to get around to reading it

Writing Aid - words that describe someone's voice (Butterfly and Bear)

Printable writing aid that lists words that writers can use to describe someone's voice.

Writers Workshop Poster: 100 Colorful Words to Use in Place of "Said"

Handout or mini-poster on colorful words writers can use instead of "said." Students can put the b&w version in their writing notebooks for reference.

I like this as a general guide to novel structure. However many resources I've read warn against getting too locked into a single script or pattern like this. Sometimes you need to save the climax for the last two pages, and sometimes you need the action to start on the first page (and fill in 'setup' stuff later).

The Case For Blurring the Lines Between Good and Evil

Creates an attractive protagonist in the making of a strong, enthralling plot; amazing pointers..