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It's a Game Of Thrones showdown! Retweet for Tyrion Lannister Favorite for Daenerys Targaryen *You can do both*

It's an X-Men superhero showdown! Retweet for Magneto Favorite for Professor X *You can do both, of course*

It's an HBO showdown! Retweet for Game of Thrones Favorite for Sex and the City *You can do both, of course*

It's an Orange Is The New Black showdown! Retweet for Piper Chapman Favorite for Alex Vause *You can do both*

It's a CW superhero showdown! Retweet for Arrow Favorite for The Flash *You can do both, of course*

It's a TV star showdown! Retweet for Darren Criss Favorite for Dylan O'Brien *You can do both, of course*


CHALLENGE: Rank Your Top 10 Best Celebrity Couples

Which celebrity couples go the distance for you? Share your favorites with a @Culturalist list:

It's a Despicable Me showdown! Repin for the minions Favorite for Gru

It's a Hunger Games showdown! Repin for Peeta Mellark Like for Gale Hawthorne *You can do both, of course*

It's a Culturalist showdown: does #Reeses or #Snickers top your list? Vote with a #top10: