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What a beautiful encouraging message of divine feminine strength for you today! This is a clear message to have patience with yourself, your process, your progress, and your path. In many ways, you are just getting started with your very important life purpose. More will be revealed to you as you go along. There's a message to stay centered in the present moment, and not get distracted by fears about the future. Your guardian angels are assuring you that each step of the way you are prote...

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Mr. C's books are fun stories for kids that will easily teach American Sign Language, ASL. Each of the children's stories is filled with positive life lessons. You will be surprised how many signs your kids will learn! Give your child a head-start to learning ASL as a second or third language. There are fun, free activities to be found at

Where you go, I'll go Where you stay, I'll stay Where you move, I'll move I will follow you

I wish my mother, who has completely given up on life, would realize this. I am certain that the only reason she hasn't killed herself yet is because she's afraid of the consequences on the other side. She doesn't want to be here any more. Not for me, not for my brother, not for her grandkids, not for my dad. It'd be easier to die than to try. And that ticks me off.