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The best author will be the one who is ashamed to become a writer. (Friedrich Nietzsche) #quotes #quote #quotations #FriedrichNietzsche

Project MUSE - Culture Centers in Higher Education: Perspectives on Identity, Theory, and Practice (review)

"Ancestral Beings have taught the first people how to make tools and weapons, hunt animals and collect food, they have layed down the laws that govern their society, and the correct way to conduct ceremonies"

Mental disorders visualized in six minimalist posters

Project MUSE - Proust Writing Photography: Fixing the Fugitive in ‘À la recherche du temps perdu’ (review)

The Time of Our Lives - My article on time & pain: As the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu concluded in a study of such experiences, the insidiousness of social suffering is that it gets under the skin. We acclimatise to it, deny it, ignore it, play it down. It's one of those slow burning, accumulating types of hurt. Like love, it doesn't have to be felt all at once or to come at you like a fireball.

How To Honeymoon: A' La Roma: Part One

For our DeCarlo Honeymoon, DeHoneymooners wanted an epic European adventure. But after all the wedding bills, affording the grandeur.