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This isn't even fucking funny. Tae is the sweetest fucking grandson anyone could have hoped for and Jimin is such a caring little bean <3

I feel like people shouldn't be saying anything bad or horrible anyway. They are people who deserve respect...

Thank you new generation! Thank you Kookie! #Jungkook #BTS

“ Jimin, where are TaeTae and Jungkook? Havent seen them since Jungkook wanted to go to the toilet... “

Stop the wars #EXO #BTS. I love both very much<--yes yes yes yes <--- I won't lie, I do get salty with exols sometimes, but not all exols ate obnoxious, and not all armys are either. Let's all support each other!

Somehow, this picture makes me proud. Good job ARMYs!

She got personalized letters from each of them

does his phone case say Suga i'm so upset