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Healthy friendships can be greatly helpful as you transition from treatment to recovery. A sober lifestyle with supportive friends is easier to find than you may think. Learn about the best relationships to have during recovery and begin building a positive future for your healthy new life. #friends #addiction #substanceabuse #recovery

To help those who have succumbed to the grip of substance abuse, an organization has been established. The Association of Recovery in Higher Education works to provide resources and information, and to aid in the #recovery process for #college students suffering from #substanceabuse.

Noticing that your loved one is suffering from substance abuse may be difficult, but with common indicators, both physical and behavioral, you may be able to help them get the recovery treatment they need for a healthy future. #substanceabuse #health #mentalhealth #addiction #behaviors

Recovery from substance abuse and addiction doesn't have to be a financial burden. While it may seem daunting to pay for treatment, there are many payment options and assistance that will help you get on the path to sobriety with ease. Learn today about the many types of treatment that can suit your needs and how to begin your new life without financial hardship. #substanceabuse #treatment #treatmenttypes #recovery

Understanding #schizophrenia co-occurring with substance abuse disorders can help you or a loved one more easily gain #recovery. #addiction #substanceabuse #drugs #mentalhealth

Those suffering from schizoaffective disorder and addiction can receive treatment to help them maintain their health and find a sober, happy life. Learn more about the various disorders in this category that can be exacerbated by addiction. #addiction #mentalhealth #schizophrenia #substanceabuse

If you are pregnant and experiencing substance abuse or addiction, please don’t hide these concerns—help is accessible. Today, a variety of treatment programs exist than can help a pregnant woman in safely finding sobriety and a long-lasting recovery. #pregnant #drug #rehab #substanceabuse #health

April is Alcohol Awareness Month! Learn more about this important time. #alcohol #addiction #alcoholawarenessmonth #substanceabuse #recovery

“Fun” and “recovery” are usually two words that are not placed in the same sentence together, aside from the occasional, “Recovery is not a fun process." With that being said, finding joy, fun, and passion again are important parts of the recovery process as well. Striking a balance between all the work that needs to be done, both in life and in recovery, will be an important skill to learn. #SubstanceAbuse #Treatment #Recovery #Addiction