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Deathstroke faces off against the entire JLA in Infinity Crisis #3. Dr. Light, on the run for murder, hires Deathstroke as his bodyguard when the JLA shows up to take him into custody. Despite being grossly outnumbered and up against some seriously powerful heroes, Deathstroke takes each member of the JLA out with alarming efficient and speed, showcasing knowledge of his enemies’ weaknesses and how to exploit them. The JLA eventually manage to take Deathstroke down, but only due to the fact…

from the Guardian

Faster than light particles found, claim scientists

Particle physicists detect neutrinos travelling faster than light, a feat forbidden by Einstein's theory of special relativity

Learn how to get great effects by manipulating shutter speed. (Photo credit: Me, my other me and what's going on between the 2 by laverrue, via Flickr). #photography #specialeffects

from eBaum's World

Images That Will Blow Your Mind

just learned how to do this without using photo shop - slow shutter speed or bulb setting. Cover face for a few counts then remove hands and allow face to expose. SO COOL!

from eBay

The Secret of Time and Space

Whoa!! When they say you can find anything on eBay, they really really mean it! Here's an auction for "The Secret of Time and Space"! Description says "The Secret of Time and Space Why does time exist? How does it exist? True Measurement of Energy! (This knowledge most certainly comes from the future where it belongs) A letter will be mailed to you with my Nobel worthy manuscript, not only logically redefining what limits 'light-speed', but the function and mechanism of 'time'…

Meet Hawa Abdi. A woman who has never raised her fist in anger against another human being, but also one who could perform three C-sections on dirt-poor women, wash her hands, then go straight outside, stare down an army of gun-toting hardcore fanatical Somali militiamen, and with four words send them running for their lives on a light-speed rainbow of shame and self-loathing without even fucking blinking. A woman once appropriately described once as "one part Mother Teresa, one part Rambo."

Light travels at a constant 186,000 miles per second. Moving at the speed of light one could circum-navigate the equator of the Earth approximately 7.5 times in one second! The Old Man Lit is when you choose not to wait until you are old to "look back" on your life and wish that you had done things differently. It's like pretending that you are already on your deathbed, looking back to where you are today.