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Frannie: What are you so smiley about?Casey: Sometimes people smile when they’re happy, Frannie.Frannie: By happy do you mean deluded?...

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'Greek' allows characters to grow older

Casey's Hair

Rebecca: I had an amazing evening. Thanks, big sis.Ashleigh: OK, was Rebecca just being nice to you?Casey: I’m too tired to worry abou...

Ashleigh, Casey, Rebecca and Frannie

Lizzie: OK, girls, this is it. Big smiles all around. See you next time, sisters.- Greek 2x06 See You Next Time, Sisters!

Olivia Palermo is a self-described “social” — that’s short of “socialite,” or a person who basically makes a name for themselves socializing, drinking champagne,blogging and posing for photographers in expensive outfits. She’s the daughter of an interior designer and a real-estate consultant and started making the rounds at high-wattage parties while still a student at NYC’s New School.