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Lord Napier, Aldgate - The Lord Napier was situated at 235 Whitechapel Road. This pub was established by 1878 and closed shortly after 1914. It was a beer house and I don’t think it ever attained a full licence. In 1896 at least it sold the beers of the Barclay Perkins Brewery.

Brewery Tap, Stepney - The Brewery Tap was situated at 500 Commercial Road. This pub closed c.2013 and has now been converted to residential use.

The Gloster Arms, Stepney - The Gloster Arms was situated at 93 Commercial Road. This was a former Watney’s Brewery pub, present by 1871. It closed in 1989 and is now used as a clothes shop.

Old George, Whitechapel - The Old George was situated at 14 Whitechapel Road. This pub was present before 1793, the date when it was acquired by the Thomas Newnham Brewery of Goodmans Field. Newnham’s were later acquired by the Combe & Co. Brewery which in turn became part of Watney Combe Reid. During the nineteenth century, the pub was variously called the George and the George & Dragon, being rebuilt and becoming the Old George by around the turn of the nineteenth century. The pub…

Royal Oak, Whitechapel - The Royal Oak was situated at 125 Whitechapel Road. This pub was present by 1839 and was rebuilt in around 1870 in elaborate, Victorian style. It achieved a Grade II listing in 1973. By 1983, the pub had been renamed Roosters, although it had reverted to the Royal Oak name by 1986. Formerly a Watney’s Brewery pub, it had closed by 2005 and it is now home to an electrical goods shop.

The Unicorn, Shoreditch - The Unicorn was situated at 32 Shoreditch High Street. There was a Unicorn Brewhouse here by 1803 and the present building was up by 1864. It was a Truman’s Brewery pub by 1900 and it remained in business until at least 1944. Today the premises house a mobile ‘phone shop, with the upper floors rented out as advert hoarding space.

Black Lion, Shoreditch - The Black Lion was situated at 63 Hanbury Street. This pub was present by 1848 and in the second part of the nineteenth century it was run by the Tilney family, which suggests that it is likely to have sold the products of Tilney’s Alma Brewery, located just around the corner in Spelman Street. The pub was still open in 1917, but had closed by 1923. Used by at least 2 victims of 'Jack the Ripper'.

British Prince, Stepney - The British Prince was situated at 49 Bromley Street. This small, back-street pub was established by 1851 and closed in around 2005 or 2006, becoming a private home. During the 1980s and 1990s at least it was a Taylor Walker Brewery pub.

Olde Angel, Whitechapel - The Olde Angel was situated at 85 Whitechapel High Street. This narrow pub had been present by 1839 and was rebuilt in its present form by architects Bird & Walters in 1900. In the late-nineteenth century it had been tied to F Style & Co’s Brewery of Maidstone, later becoming part of the Watney’s empire.

Kings Head, Stepney - The Kings Head was situated at 128 Commercial Road. This pub was built in the 1820s and survived until 2000, when it closed and was converted into commercial use. The premises are now used by a bank. It had been a Charrington’s Brewery pub. The 1986 local CAMRA pub guide to the area described it as being a ‘lively pub’ having a ‘cosmopolitan clientele’, thought to be non-politically correct code for saying that it was at the time favoured by the area’s immigrant…