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RUFUS - A1096317 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/17/16 A volunteer writes: Rufus is a dog who has a lot to say and will say even more if you do not understand what he wants….Rufus does not like to be in a kennel. He is right because there is so much more to do outside. He does not want to get “cabin fever”. Rufus loves treats and will let you know when you are not fast enough giving them to him. Same with the ball….He is really a fun

Why do Teapublicans claim to be fiscally conservative when these are the ONLY two presidents [Clinton and Obama] to lower the deficit in the last 50 years?

༺♥༻ has the Bible and study aids to read, watch, listen and download in 700+ (sign included) languages. Also home bible studies. Plus now and all at no charge.

Although this is only one page, I was drawn to the overlap of text. I think using half of the picture as the texture for the text is creative and eye-catching. They could have easily made the words, "Yes He Did" in bold black and it would have looked good, but this meshes the words and the article with the man.

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17 Tumblr Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Bi People

What's the difference between bi people and unicorns? Unicorns actually feature in films and on TV.

If Jehovah Were To Use His Power To Effect Miraculous Deliverance In All Cases, There Might Be A Basis  For Satan To Taunt Jehovah & To Call Into Question The Genuineness Of Our Devotion To Our God— At that Satan answered Jehovah: “Is it for nothing that Job has feared God? Have you not put up a protective hedge around him and his house and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his livestock has spread out in the land. (Job 1:9, 10)