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Kellyanne Conway Turns On Trump, Then Admits He's A Complete Fraud.

15. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Go Public  After years of living the chronic bachelor life, Prince Harry went public this fall, calling Suits star Meghan Markle his “girlfriend” in a rare statement. In the comments, he accused some members of the press and public of “racism and sexism,” when writing about Markle.  (Photo: Twitter)

Duchess Kate and Prince William's 2016 Christmas card finally revealed

I agree, my life was so much better & I even felt safer for myself & my daughter before this asshat lost the election but was still given the job

When You Say Your Life Was So Much Better Before.Millions Of Americans Couldn't Agree


A Pastor Just Went Viral Begging Americans to “Stop Calling Trump A Christian”.  He really didn't hold back!

A Pastor Just Went Viral Begging Americans to "Stop Calling Trump A Christian"

One Facebook user has pretty much shut down the Trumpsters who keep saying stupid things like “We suffered through Obama, so suck it up and suffer through Trump.” There just seems to be this tone from Republicans that things were so terrible the last 8 years under President Obama…now it liberals’ turn to suffer. When […]

When Trumpsters Say “We Suffered For 8 Years, Now It’s Your Turn”, Here’s Your Response

White conservatives will pay a billion dollars to let Melania stay away from her husband and call themselves ‘fiscally responsible’ with ‘traditional values’.

Urban Dictionary Just Hilariously Defined Trump’s “Alternative Facts”

Urban Dictionary Just Hilariously Defined Drumpf’s “Alternative Facts” - Personally, I don't find a lot of humor with this new "spin" technique.