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Amazon built, the Star Trek computer for your house. The Amazon Echo is an attractively designed speaker, and its voice-control system, anchored by soothing and smooth-sounding "Alexa," works well within its current limited scope. Amazon Echo is designed around your voice, Echo can hear you from across the room even while music is playing. If you connect your Google calendar, you can command the Echo to give you a summary of your week, set alarms, timers, and compose task lists. #technews

Nov 17 - 5-Year-Old Passes Microsoft Exam. Ayan Qureshi in the computer lab he built in his home. Having passed the requisite exam last month at the age of 5 years and 11 months (or "5.11," as per his website), the UK resident is the youngest officially recognized computer specialist in the world. Ayan, who built his own home computer lab as well as his first computer network in that lab, hopes to start his own company, modeled after Silicon Valley that he would call E-Valley, reports the…

Scientists have developed a computer program that uses Twitter to map the mood of the nation. | Latest Digitals

Ello legally commits itself to remaining ad free | Read more here:

One of the most famous torrent sites on the web, IsoHunt has revealed that it is closing down within the next seven days following a court s...