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Kid fixin a tire

ATTENTION Guys who are here for my Star Wars content: I changed my mind and decided it's too important not to have it's own board. So follow my board. Same for Hamilton followers

This kinda reminds me of a song called The Horsetamer's Daughter, it's really neat. Here's a link to the song:

Imagine them taking bathroom breaks or getting hungry and not being able to decide what to eat

Live each day as if out were your last because I'm gonna kill you but I'm not super good with schedules

Kenma as grumpy cat is everything I wanted in life.

I like Sev, but damn this defense of Snape, his actions were far less despicable than Umbridge.

Wow, this colour swap seems so wrong o_O Yuri!!! on Ice

LET'S DO IT! (how would I go a whole day without being online wtf)

At the second one they look like older and younger brother. This is kinda funny because Jimin is actually older but looks like donut(?xD) | jeonie