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WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST DO?! okay, I read this and it was amazing, so i collapsed in my chair and slid off it, pushed it away with my toes, and proceeded to to make snow angels on the floor. Then I rolled around and got on my back and started flinging my limbs in the air, and rolled onto my stomach, planked, did the worm and pushed myself up and started pinning this like nothing had happened.

The Enjolras Walk - this is somebody else's pin but I've used this technique before! LOL

~•sometimes I'm feeling like I'm going insane, my neighbor told me that I got bad brains but I'm alright though•~

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*drools*>> I don't know what looks better the pizza or the boys eating it


Your own private theater.

Your own private theater. Oh my gosh this is so funny!

If someone at school said this to me or I got a chance to say it to someone else, I'd die of laughter.

Holy shit though. This would be so great because it would basically expose (to an even greater extent) just how ignorant wizards are of Muggles. And it would be the biggest "Fuck you" to Voldemort and everyone who believes in blood purity because "look, these people without magic can do things against magic - and sometimes more effectively."

One day this will happen<he's not a penguin anymore:(<penguins are my favorite animal but not because of Luke