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Duck shower

A Libran, Lived in Northern Part of Mindanao In Philippine Archipelago, a married man with three sons.

grant gustin being a big dork cutie

Grant Gustin, being the most adorable, awkward, dork :)

Percabeth moments

Percabeth is in the top two or three of my favorite ships in my HUGE HARBOR

I think Chanyeol really read it for Baek <3 How sweet of you Yoda~ <3 <3<3 CHANBAEK <3<3

Chanyeol just get the paper, so Baekhyun will be SAFE ❤️BaekYeol❤️ ❤️EXO❤️

Posts like these are what keeps me alive tbh ❤️

Shippers don't want the show to become a romance, we just want quick little cute things like this and for Destiel to explain and acknowledge that they have feelings like this for each other

BTS Jin & Rap Monster

Jin and Rapmon look like they could ban all the bad things in life 😂 Cuties ❤

moments like these are what i live for hahahahaha Luke!!!

moments like these are what i live for hahahahaha Luke! Cake yay but I'm still Muke AF