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Contemporary Racism – Implicit and colorblind racism, microaggressions, and privilege.

Contemporary “racism is mush”: Fox News media analyst Bernie Goldberg says liberals still think it’s 1965

While it is true that most of the great abolitionists were inspired by their Christian faith, it is also true that their opponents were inspired by their Christian faith. As a result, much contemporary racism is rooted in Christianity.

When Vernon Ah Kee was born in 1967 he was not counted as part of the Australian population, but rather a part of its flora and fauna. His latest exhibition, 'Not an Animal or a Plant', explores this very theme and the degrees of underlying racism in contemporary Australian society.

by Tim Wise In a new era of race relations in the United States, some call for an end to color-consciousness, affirmative action and even a retreat from discussion of racism. Color-blind presents a look at contemporary racism and offers steps to achieve true social justice and economic equality.

A series of mysterious deaths in the South have evoked painful memories, and led to questions about contemporary racism

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