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New character! Is name is Castiel! He is a bobcat mix, I thought of naming him koi because he looks like one but it was to playful. Castiel is pretty serious and can be rather mean at times. But he has a real soft spot for a squirrel named iris. He is about 30 human years but acts like a grumpy old man and he is probably one of my new favorite OC's...

So this my my Squirrel persona and Ponysona in @teaspirits this is still WIP and wait wait wait this is part one i have a two other drawings

Hi, my name is Alfred Basha - lover of bright contrasts where no-one stoke is similar to the previous nor to the next. I mainly draw with black-inked pen and at night. Subjects of my illustrations are based on animal world and human being, poetically transformed into mutant creatures riding towards a surrealistic space.

A friendly doberman named Harry - Watercolor by David Lloyd Glover wow wish i could draw like this. I dont thinkhes related to my grandpa gloverbut grandpa could draw too

If you want this squirrel put a nut on it? From Little Doodles (she is a genius with the ink, I am slightly addicted to her blog).