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New character! Is name is Castiel! He is a bobcat mix, I thought of naming him koi because he looks like one but it was to playful. Castiel is pretty serious and can be rather mean at times. But he has a real soft spot for a squirrel named iris. He is about 30 human years but acts like a grumpy old man and he is probably one of my new favorite OC's...

I think they managed to get ALL my favourite SPN Ladies in one!!! Let's see if I can name them all: Hannah, Jody, Ruby, Anna, Charlie, Abaddon, Meg, Jo, Mary, Rowena, Ellen, Linda, Claire, Kali, Donna, Missouri, Bela/Abby, and Cassie. *whew* did it!

I know he comes off as a jerk sometimes, but with what he's been through its not surprising that he had to harden his heart towards people. And, he was the kindest to Blue Dragon out of all the villagers.