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Photo taken by Sarah Rehberg of Slr Portraits Etc

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Hello, thanks for stopping by. My name is Cecil Lindsey and I am a photographer from the Texas Gulf Coast area. On this site you will find images from my daily travels in and around this area, while not exclusively gulf coast photography most of the imagery is from Texas. I got into photography with film cameras and have recently switched to digital SLR format. I started mostly photographing nature and wildlife, and have strong interests in portrait photography as well. I love being able to…

Nov 2001 Digital SLR Photography UK "When the leading US sports publications are looking for someone to add energy and impact to portraits, it’s the Texas-based photographer Robert Seale that gets the nod." #Robert_Seale

Bridal Portrait Photography ©SLR Photography

Taken By Slr Portraits Etc My Personal hobby shoot

Lori Berkowitz considers herself lucky to have found photography at a young age. Given a Canon SLR at age twelve by her father, she took almost immediately to capturing the vibrancy of the lives around her. This fascination blossomed into a career of women centered photography that celebrates the triumphs of our hearts. As a photographer […]

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