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Though he has been championed by Angela Carter, Harlan Ellison, Ian Fleming, Michael Moorcock and others, Gerald Kersh has undeservedly fallen into neglect since his death. This edition of CLOCK WITHOUT HANDS is one of his lesser-known books and the first-ever reprint which includes a new introduction by Thomas Pluck.

Book Covers of Note July 2015

Chasing Rumor by Cameron Chambers; design by Haruna Madono; illustration by Andrew Holder (Patagonia / June 2015)

A highly original and imaginative work that blends elements of adventure, fantasy, and science fiction and raises ethical questions about mankind’s treatment of animals, Monkeyface (1948) is one of the most enjoyable novels by Stephen Gilbert (1912-2010), author of the horror classic Ratman’s Notebooks (1968). This first-ever reprint of the novel features a new introduction by Andrew Doyle.

Widely praised on its initial publication, Michael Campbell's Lord Dismiss Us (1967) is reprinted here for the first time in three decades. This edition includes a new introduction by Dennis Drabelle, award-winning critic and contributing editor to The Washington Post Book World.

The first in Forrest Reid’s Tom Barber trilogy, Uncle Stephen (1931) is both a tale of boyhood adventure in the tradition of Mark Twain and a story of the supernatural in the vein of Sheridan Le Fanu and Walter de la Mare. This new edition of the book E. M. Forster considered Reid’s masterpiece features a new introduction by Andrew Doyle along with never before published photographs and archival materials.

With the recent surge in popularity of far-right political parties across Europe, Gillian Freeman’s sixth novel, The Leader (1965), remains as chillingly relevant today as when first published. This edition, the first in more than 40 years, includes a new introduction by Alwyn W. Turner. Freeman’s classics The Liberty Man (1955) and The Leather Boys (1961) are also available from Valancourt Books.

Life at the Top (1962) by John Braine, with a new introduction by Ben Clarke.

The Cartel: A novel by Don Winslow

King: A Street Story: John Berger: 9780375705342: Books

Dust off all your Old Bibles and do this with them. It may help to read them if their in sight! I like that they are all well used.