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Eres tan fea que cuando tu mamá apagaba la luz, el coco la prendia

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Cat Feelings Get Hurt

Cat Feelings Get Hurt. This one literally made me lol.

Why Do You Even Bother?

Why Do You Even Bother

Poor Elmo…

hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaLSJGLSKJGSRJG;RJGIG;BKJS;DFLKGJV;SLEKJHB;SETRJ;HGEJRGFSDKIFJG..... at this point I don't even know where my mind has gone...the amount of fandoms i have are caving in on me

Haha why is this so funny?

You don’t mess with this man…

I have to concur. Why on earth would anyone want to kidnap the family of Liam Neeson's characters? Can't wait to watch Taken 2 (and yes, that's the reason to kidnap 'em, so we'll keep paying to see the movies)! Thanks to @Corey Dean for sharing :-)