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I took a bag of almond joys to my room to eat. 5 minutes later mom comes in, snatches the bag from my hands and runs out of the room laughing like a child. I love my mom

Seasonal Goddesses **Note that this is a page selling these gorgeous stamps, but if you like you can print the image out for coloring.**

Thinking about getting something like this for my half sleeve. Kind of obsessed with Compasses.

Scottish luckenbooth This will be my Arthur seat tattoo I think! I made a promise that if I made it up Arthur's seat without falling I would get a tat....and this is likely to be it with some addition...want to maybe add wings on the sides..for the angel that was watching over me...we'll see about the wings but this in itself would be perfect! :D

Or, instead of the last sentence, they could just naturally look like that.