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2016 started the fire, now 2017 has to deal with it...

OMG yes! So true... you can stop stalking me you were NEVER in my life, never will be, you don't even know me funny how I get along with EVERYONE but you crazy psycho!! Leave me alone!!!

Or come with me to get my dreads retwisted. Id be geeked

Found your man in my inbox again... here you go. Would you please keep him satisfied so he will leave me alone!!!

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me before you... dear heavens this book

||Artist: Chaolindsay via Tumblr|| . I find it funny that people can just "leave" a fandom when there is something "better". I may post Otayuri more but I've never left the Eruri (SNK) fandom. You gotta rip pieces of me if I even thought of leaving it because there is no such thing as leaving Killing Stalking is great but unless they have official merch to sate me, I have a feeling that it would be as temporary to me as MM.