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Hip implant regulation 'inadequate: One in 12 implants used in hip replacements have no evidence to prove they are safe or effective. Oxford University researchers trawled data relating to England and Wales and found 8% of devices that were used on patients were not backed by information proving they were safe. Of all the hip implants potentially available to surgeons to use, 24% were not backed by evidence of safety or effectiveness.


12 Famous People With Parkinson's Disease

Find out more about the luminaries whose Parkinsons disease diagnosis puts them among the most famous of people living with Parkinsons disease.

Fibromyalgia is a disease that affects the central nervous system. It is a disease that causes a central nervous system to become oversensitive to pain impulses from various sensory centers of the body.

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Smile! You've got cancer

Smile! You've got cancer | Barbara Ehrenreich There is a lot of pressure on those with life threatening illness to have a positive attitude. But is that really helping them or just making it easier for those around them? This is a very interesting essay.

Some of the famous people with schizophrenia had led productive lives before the onset of their diseases, but not so much afterwards. Other famous people with schizophrenia were able to be treated effectively and move on successfully.

Diana Wynyard in The Remarkable Mr. Kipps 1941 // AKA Dorothy Isobel Cox Born: 16-Jan-1906 Birthplace: London, England Died: 13-May-1964 Location of death: London, England Cause of death: Kidney failure