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Understanding English Surnames

Understanding English Surnames| Family English surnames rarely existed until well after the year 1066 AD with William the Conqueror invading the island that would become England. What was commonly done was a description for a person such as Thomas the Baker, Norman son of Richard, Henry the Whitehead, Elizabeth of the Field or Joan of York. Some could be based on where a person lived, most based on an occupation, or on the physical appearance of a person or on the land they lived…

Haley Coat of Arms and History : The English surname Haley is local in origin, being one of those surnames derived from the place where a man once lived or held land. In this particular instance, the surname is derived from an Old English term meaning simply "dweller at the hay clearing or field" referring to the place name Hailey in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire and would indicate that the original bearer of the surname came from this place in medieval times

Raeburn/ Rayburn This interesting and curious surname is of early medieval English origin, and is a locational name from the old lands of Ryburn in the parish of Dunlop, Ayrshire. The placename is composed of the northern Middle English "ray", a roebuck (Olde English pre 7th Century "ra"), and "-burn", a stream (Olde English "burna, burne"). During the Middle Ages when migration for the purpose of job seeking was becoming more common, people often used their former village name as a means…

Otto Skorzeny was born in Vienna into a middle class Austrian family which had a long history of military service. His surname is of Polish origin and Skorzeny's distant relatives came from a village called Skorzęcin in Greater Poland region. In addition to his native German, he spoke excellent French and was proficient in English.Later Hitler's bodyguard, and field commander of of Operation Greif, using spies to infiltrate enemy lines

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Unique Baby Names for Girls

Hadleigh: a not so common variant of popular name Hadley, this old English surname-turned-name means heathery field. The roots of this name can be found at “Paris Wife”, one of the best Ernest Hemingway novel (get a copy of this magnificent Paris narative from Amazon).