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VINTAGE #vtpaid - This is a really nice autumn/vintage styled theme. I recommend for neutral and warmer colours. This would look awesome for a theme! - - #vsco #vscofilter #vscofilters #vscocam #vscocamfilters #themes #feed #theming #photography #filter #filters

. ♡ //vintage filter afff ♡MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEEEEE -- if you have questions i only answer thru kik: macsquishy14 ☁️free giftcards on my bio just download as many as you can and you can get a lot of rewards☁️ (itunes, amazon google play and more)

– retro filter – best used on: colourful photos – #qotd: what preset do you want me to post more of? . ❔this filter was inspired by a bunch of old camera films / instants i saw a few days ago . fc; 2694

Instagram media by tropical.filters - Ugh i know this filter sucks I'm sorry im really bad at grunge filters but this is for @ta.yl.or - photos by @cigarvtte and @davidkltgn - Please request filters in DMs and comments! - qotd - do you play any sports?

VSCO Cam Filter A5 Exposure +2

Lomo 135BC f:2.8 functional vintage 35mm film by FolkCamera

Instagram media by vscofiltrs - #filtrsJ4 paid filter❕kinda dark/grunge filter.. works on almost all pics but I wouldn't recommend it on pics that have too much color also REALLY nice for a feed — GET THIS AND ALL THE PAID FILTERS FOR FREE WITH THE LINK IN MY BIO