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Cute kittens right

Cute Kitten with Big Eyes and his nose is right between those big eyes. That's just wrong!

I would, but I can't stand seeing animals that are suffering or families having to put a loved one down. I'll just stick to nursing.

An earlier pinner said, "come by mama :)" so I'll keep that lovely caption. #animals, #cats, #kittens, [oh my goodness, Mama is truly holding her little baby. What a tearjerking scene. I've only ever had a tomcat and he was very much a loner; yet my daughter's two cats were loveable (most of the time). I'll continue to adopt dogs of the homeless variety I think; they are so faithful, and don't scare me like cats do. lol! Mo]

Lilly - I'm a very friendly little kitty that loves to play and explore. I'm not yet spayed but I am frontlined, microchipped and started on vaccinations. Sioux Falls Area Humane Society

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