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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Art by k_ponbon on twitter / Shin ah and Ao Seiryuu blue dragon Akatsuki no Yona

Digital Art by Perla Marina

Sandrin? A Sorceress and adviser to the king. As a person in the order of the sandrin when they come of age they participate in a ceremony where they and their elders create a magical being that is a reflection of the persons soul.

akatsuki no yona | Tumblr // Oh god, it's a Little Shin-ah post. WELP, there go my feels. Guess I'm pinning this.

11 Facts That Prove Seahorses Are Super Fascinating Fish

When seahorses find a mate, they wrap their tails around each other so the tide doesn’t drift them apart. They have that one mate for the rest of their lives. When the mate dies, they do too. More