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You Need These Irish Coffee Jello Shots

Make It: Irish Coffee Jello Shots Two Ways! Perfect for any winter gathering or for just having a great time! #IrishCoffee

How to Make Irish Coffee—in 4 Simple Steps

Because the recipe is so elemental, it pays to use the best coffee and cream you can find—you will be able to taste the difference. Whip the cream softly so it sits in the glass in soft peaks. And as for that shot of whiskey? Any blended Irish whiskey—like Tullamore DEW, Redbreast, or the classic, Jameson—should do the trick nicely.

Sugarplum Fairy Sangria

Wow your guests with new Kahlua Chili Chocolate Espresso Martinis this holiday season. It’s a sophisticated yet approachable coffee cocktail mix that will keep the holiday festivities going. You’ll need an espresso machine and shaker for this one. Shake 1 part Kahlua Chili Chocolate, 2 parts Altos Tequila, and 1 part espresso with plenty of ice, then strain into a small cocktail glass to get rid of the small ice chips. Shake for 10 seconds for optimal frothiness.


A frozen mudslide recipe with half the calories of most mudslides. All you need is vodka, coffee liquor, Irish cream and ice.

Enjoy the flavors of a Root Beer Float in jello form! It won't melt in the summer heat.

Root Beer Float Jello

Enjoy the flavors of a Root Beer Float in jello form! It won't melt in the summer heat.

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Pumpkin Pie Protein Truffles

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkin flavored everything! It’s basically a fall festival in your mouth. Pumpkin Spice flavor shots in your coffee, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pudding… my thighs literally get more plump just reading that sentence. I have no limit to the amount of dessert I can consume in one … … Continue reading →