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A delicious single malt scotch from the lowlands of Scotland. This is a great example of the Lowlands Dry Malts. This stuff is DRY. Cheers!

Our Songbird Flora is sitting pretty on the homepage of @liquordotcom today. We couldn't agree more: it's a floral spirit you need to try now. One of our favorite super simple recipes is the Flora Spritzer: 2oz Flora in a Collins glass fill with ice top with club soda and a big squeeze of lemon. Stir gently.

The 9 Girliest Cocktails

9 Girliest Cocktails... because rum and coke isn't appropriate sometimes - I don't agree with that last statement but good drinks are hard to come by

OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME... WIsh I'd had this for my 21st... totally would've had a party instead of going out. Harry Potter drinks!