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The Calakmul Mask is a funerary piece elaborated in jade mosaic, shell and gray obsidian, found in Tomb 1 in Structure VII, in the archaeological zone of the same name, in the state of Campeche, whose antiquity goes back to 660 and 750 AD. Photo: Colección Archivo Digital MNA-INAH.

Face Mask Date: late 19th century Geography: United States, Alaska Culture: Yup'ik Medium: Wood, pigment

Haida. Sea Bear Mask. British Columbia. 19th Century.

carved skull. one of my favorite pieces in the museo de arte prehispanico rufino…

Mask (Mbuya) Pende Deomocratic Republic of Congo Early 20th century CE Wood

Mask, Culture: Tlingit, ca. 1825, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I like the amount of expression in this mask without the ornamentation