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Meal-Planning Made Easy for Adults with ADD

Tips and tricks for ADHD adults and children on how to use index and note cards. from I totally need to do this...I don't cook, but just being organized enough to be able to create a meal would be nice! You know...without burning everything to a crisp! ;)

18 E-Cards To Break Up Your Afternoon Stretch

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awww you have a problem with me?? poor lil baby, doesn't it suck that i could care less? get a life bitch, no one cares!

Networking Tip: Never Run Out of Business Cards Again!

Networking tip: Don't run out of business cards. Add yourself as a contact in your phone, complete with your full name, picture, company info etc. Use it as an e-card, text it to people you meet, and you'll never run out of business cards again.

One person I know, in particular, has this down to a science because they have nothing better to do than meddle in other's business.

truth. so certain people i know need to get off their high horse thinking they are better bc they go to church. and then talk shit about everyone they know. that is not christian at all!