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Nature and leaf inspired KIDLINO playsuit, made of linen. Includes color transitions. At the age of 5 the child must be able to distinguish shades of the same color. Vocabulary increases. Terms such as "lighter", "darker", "brighter", "paler", etc. are being used. #smart #kidswear #details

'Color transitions and scale ratio' For a child it is important to develop visual perception through color world. KIDLINO's clothing develops an understanding of color relationships. Visual perception forms notion of what is bigger or smaller or the same in size. Child begins to perceive the world using a specific reference point.

Child Development – KIDLINO

Skirt Model "Sense of Touch". Touching different textures stimulates CNS development. Children widen an understanding of textures, as well as start to use words such as 'softer', 'rougher', 'thicker', 'thinner' 'smoother' etc. #linen #kidlino #kidswear #tactile

Nature and leaf inspired girls dress with elements that facilitate childrens development. Dress with an elastic rubber around waistline (adapts to size).

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