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This is really cute to me somehow I just… <3 (Sonic Boom: Episode 11 - COWBOT)

“I singled out the dork to make another dance gif. (Sonic Boom: Episode 17 - Don’t Judge Me) ”

sonicwind-01: Sonic Boom: Episode 52 - Shadow... | E-vay says...

Sonic Nyoom, (Sonic Boom: Episode 50 - Cabin Fever)

Shadow: Later Faker” Sonic: “Wait! Shadow!” Me: "Thats my shadow! Sonic: "Huh?" Me: "Uh,bye!

“*pets* ;w; (Sonic Boom: Episode 17 - Don’t Judge Me) ”

*gif* oh that smile x3 <--To add to that comment, I think I actually really like this Sonic. Though...He's kinda not very Sonic like. He's not really rude, he's not cocky, nor have I seen him be impatient. Of course it's only a few episodes in...we'll see.