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Alexander Lawson, The School of Printing. Purchased pre-signed via eBay.

Bob Jones: Rhyme & Reason limited edition #708 of 1000. Purchased pre-signed via eBay.

George HW Bush: All the Best. #2176 of 3000 signed, limited edition. Black cover version of Easton Press.

One for the Ages - Gene Vance (in-person), Dave Downey (in-person).

Medal of Honor (2 of 5). David McNerney (via mail), Don Ballard (via mail).

Are We There Yet? (1 of 2). Ray Mysterio (obtained in-person). Virgil (obtained in-person).

Loose Balls (2 of 3). Jim Jones (obtained in-person). Bill Sharman (obtained in-person).

Loose Balls (3 of 3). George Gervin (obtained in-person), Dan Issel (obtained in-person), Rick Barry (obtained via mail).