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As the world uses more and more mobile electronic products, controlling power consumption is the primary limiter of scaling semiconductor process technologies and adding features to integrated circuits.

During farrowing, sows (adult female pigs) give birth to piglets in special rooms designed to provide for the special needs of the animals. These areas typically are separate from other areas of the farm where pigs may be housed and they are rotated to other barns to control the spread of disease. The stalls reduce the number of piglets that are accidentally laid on or stepped on by the sow, temperature control technology allows piglets to stay warm while sows keep cool.

live this to help explain byproducts! 8 Things You Didn't Know Comtain Meat

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Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Goodland, R Anhang, J. “Livestock and Climate Change: What if the key actors in climate change were pigs, chickens and cows?” WorldWatch, November/December 2009. Worldwatch Institute, Washington, DC, USA. Pp. 10–19.

Mitochondria Necklace

Mitochondria Necklace! This hand-cast pewter mitochondrion displays the outer membrane, inner membrane, ribosomes, DNA, and more.

Banana lab for sub-q and IM injections. When finished cut it open and see the results. - Rebekah White

Scientific Method Foldable for INB

This is a two page scientific method foldable that can be used in a science interactive notebook. Click the PREVIEW button to see the 2 page foldable. This foldable has students write the definition of vocabulary words (ie. independent variable, dependent variable, controlled constants, experimental group, and control group) and then identify these words in a science experiment that investigates whether or not nitrogen fertilizer affects plants' heights.

„National Geographic: The unidentified chrysalis of a butterfly.“ by National Geographic

Bat conservatory, because one bat can devour 600 mosquitoes or other insects in just one hour! I love bats!!

Great picture about the flea life cycle.