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+TF+ love at first sight by Tench on DeviantArt

Some kind of sequel to this [link] +TF+ love at first sight

hm… I dont think I understand these… but its kinda cool :3

Pokevariations: Gyarados by Zhoid on DeviantArt Magikarp and Gyarados


Insane Pokemon art (By Piper Thibodeau)- Look at Venusaur and Charizards freaking faces X)

Transformers 56 Retailer Incentive Cover - Transformer World 2005 - TFW2005.COM

Transformers Vol 3 Cover C Incentive Kei Zama Variant Cover (Revolution…

Disney Has GARGOYLES Legally Streaming On Youtube!

"Nightwatch" is the first issue of the Gargoyles comic by SLG, and Chapter One of the Clan-Building story arc. It was released on June The issue was reprinted in Gargoyles: Clan-Building, Volume One.

Lmao cute

:D Transformers prime : Beast Hunters