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Whitehaven is hardly your average rest stop. This magnificent home along I-24 near Paducah, Kentucky serves as a Tourist Welcome Center. This restored home houses a collection of artifacts that belonged to the former Vice-president Alben Barkley. The collection includes the Vice-Presidential desk and chair, walking canes, senatorial shaving mugs, the first Vice-President flag, the 1948 inaugural Bible and other mementoes. National Register of Historic Places # 84001824.

It's A Bit Small: 1970 MG Midget -

This is my own personal cane that has seen many miles over the last 12 years or so. The stories it could tell and the things it has seen would make you crack up laughing and if I had a dollar for every person that has asked me the where I got it or if I would sell it to them .....I would be a rich man ! Short story ...Lost my left leg above knee in a motorcycle accident , Decided to carve a cane seeing I was sitting on my butt doing nothing for a bit and figured I would need it someday.

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SKULL WALKING STICK gothic authors made Bone effect handle cane with high quality rubber tip