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A School Asked Students How To Punish Gay Students But They Didn't Expect Such an Answer

I live in the most wind powered state in the United States of Awesome? Whatever floats your boat.

This would be perfect in an English classroom. Funny and educational!

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The United States of Scary Things [Picture]


bookplate of the United States Seal

Woman who made history, who made a difference, who took the unexpected road. Gender does not define ability, intent, or ambition- that is what these women show us. My personal fave is the woman who overpowered the hitman her husband hired to kill her.

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In a world with stricter rules of social etiquette, and with so much taboo placed on sex, acts such as flirting had to be subtle and often be invented per generation to prevent their parents understanding. From Georgian times, flirting with a fan was common place.