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Four leadership principles for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The ‘Adaptable Leader’ is the New Holy Grail — Become One, Hire One

People have often asked me, “Which language do you think in? English or Hungarian?” I had to think long about the answer before I could put my own finger on it, and my answer is: neither. We think in visual feelings.


How to Successfully Move Into a Strategic Leader Role - Center for Creative Leadership

How to Successfully Move Into a Strategic Leader Role - Center for Creative Leadership | Coaching Leaders


Is Your Leadership Style Right for the Digital Age?

“Many of us believe that only certain kinds of jobs permit people to find meaning, engagement, discretion, and autonomy, and opportunities to learn and grow.”


This Founder Is Redefining Leadership

Interview with Danielle Harlan, Founder, TEDx Speaker, and Impact Leadership Expert by The Podcast on SoundCloud


Feeling Overwhelmed? Remember "RAIN" - Mindful

How to be more mindful. Feeling mentally stuck? Use RAIN as a means to bring out your natural compassion and mindfulness. Click On The Picture To Watch Our Free Videos On Different Topics, From Mindfulness to Self-Esteem And A Lot More.*****

Leaders With Influence live a life of integrity. Learn to become more influential and all aspects of your life will improve including your relationships with loved ones, money and power. #influenceyourwaytosuccess #leaderswithinfluence


The Top 10 Insights from the “Science of a Meaningful Life” in 2015

by Cheryl Hatch Preschool Plan It "Take Turns! Share!" Words we use every day. A few months ago, I shared information about ch...


There’s an Alternative to Leadership Development

Action learning isn’t new, but when paired with a trained coach it can be an ideal alternative to traditional — often ineffective — leadership development programs.