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What The Heck's A Vision Board—and How Can It Change Your Life?

Had the most amazing life changing experience with James Van Praagh. While attending a seminar he was teaching, my grandma who is one of my angels that I communicate with, came through to James. She let my mom know she's working with me, protecting me, and not to grieve her loss. That she isn't really gone and talks to me every day. After the seminar, James signed this book and handed it to me. He then told me that I'm not crazy.. And he hears angels too. :)

from Crystal Wind™

Faith Verses Works

Have you ever had an unexpected tragedy in your life which you were not prepared to handle? In this week's Wisdom & Wellness, I talk about why it's important to nurture your during both good & bad times to be ready for anything in your life!

Grateful Monday Indeed!!! I had THE best week at my Holistic Life Coach Training! I am officially a trained Life Coach specializing in helping folks find and follow their bliss (if anyone wants to make an appointment - let me know). The Mon/Tues card is The Magician! You are ready! Have you been laying the ground work for a new goal plan of action or maybe a business? Well it is time to turn thought into action! Trust me I know starting something new can be a little daunting and…

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8 Not-So-Obvious Signs You’re Actually Doing Work You Love

Finding work you love doesn't always mean it’s painless. It can be hard to tell if you're in the right career. Here are some signs you've found the one.