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Woman’s Day-May 1955 by File Photo Digital Archive  <br /><i>Via Flickr:</i> <br />Woman&#x27;s Day-May 1955

'Enjoy yourself - it's Salada tea time' print ad for Salada Tea-Bags depicts woman drinking cup of tea on teabag tag, & box of teabags, in Woman’s Day magazine, May USA

1933 Pierce Silver Arrow by totallymystified  <br /><i>Via Flickr:</i> <br />From the feature The Automobile&#x27;s Classic Decades: A Portfolio By Leslie Saalburg in Esquire magazine, 1958.

1933 Pierce Silver Arrow - Illustrated by Leslie Saalburg

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How to collect all of the red rose figurines without buying all 100 count boxes.

tshirt for Boston Buddies Tea Party

Rubenacker - Brian and his wife, Rene, are strong supporters of rescues. He does artwork for one or two rescues and donates a lot of prints for auctions to raise money for rescues across the US.

An advertisement for #tea from the 1930s. Gandhi urged his fellow countrymen not to drink tea. However, tea has recently been declared the national drink of India.

How Gandhi made tea taboo


A lithograph by Henri Aurrens to advertise the King of Teas brand. Dated

Advertising showcase | The National Archives Jack's Pure Tea, 1899 Catalogue reference: COPY 1/146(ii) (27)

Victorian ad for Jack's Pure Tea depicts British sailor dancing on packet of tea, with Union Jack flag in the background, 1899 / The National Archives, UK

Unknown’s Bulgarian Herb Tea – Kill That Cold! Guard Against Influenza (1928)

Unknown’s Bulgarian Herb Tea – Kill That Cold! Guard Against Influenza

Four O'clock Tea

'Four O'clock Tea' Salada Tea print ad depicts old and young woman sharing tea, 1911