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Explore Beta Methylbutyrate, Personal And Or and more!

HMB: The FACTS! What are the facts on this “new” supplement, HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate ? In this vid, you’ll learn the facts on this supplement and know the reality from marketing BS.

Do You "NEED" Supplements? Some claim “you don’t need any supplements” to make progress in the gym, or when trying to lose fat, or improve performance. Some claim they “need” a long list of supplements to succeed. What’s the truth? I cover the facts in this vid!

Are YOU Getting "Quality" Supplements? Maybe....

Estrogen blocker Supplement FACTS! Estrogen blocker” supplements, do they really work? If so, should people – men in particular – use them? I answer that question in this vid and cover the facts on these supplements as few others can or will

Breaking Into The Supplement industry! How do you "break into" the supplement industry? What experience and educational background do you need? In this vid I cover the truth behind how different people get into the supplement industry.

HGH Supplements: HYPE Or Legit? Growth Hormone (GH) supplements have been around forever, and have made a recent come back. Are they legit? Do they increase muscle mass or reduce body fat as claimed? I cover these supplements in this vid! -

Understanding Supplement Research! In this latest vid, I’m inspired by a study just published that shows some pre workout NO supplement was more effective compared to placebo. What you need to know on how studies may not always be what they appear to the untrained eye…

The Sports Supplement Bible! This comprehensive book covers over 60 supplement ingredients used to create many well known sports supplements. I use my 20+ years in the supplement industry to break through the hype, mystery and bro-science surrounding these ingredients and get to the nuts and bolts of what works and what doesn’t; using objective scientific data and “real world” feedback,

New Supplement Technology! In this vid I give quick look at some technologies that greatly enhance solubility of compounds known for their poor solubility. Such a technology applied to various supplements could greatly improve their bioavailability. The link in the vid also takes you to another vid and article with additional info on the topic BTW.

Arachidonic Acid (ARA) Supplements: Fact Vs. Fiction