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HMB: The FACTS! What are the facts on this “new” supplement, HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate ? In this vid, you’ll learn the facts on this supplement and know the reality from marketing BS.

Muscles – not just for bodybuilders! To most people outside the gym, the word “muscles” brings to mind huge bulging muscle bellies and bodybuilders. The importance of muscle mass, strength, and metabolic function in the performance of exercise and sports, has never been questioned. However, muscles aren’t just for show. Here I will explain why.

Lean Muscle Cardio Workout

Lean Muscle Cardio Workout | Muscle & Fitness

The Facts on Thyroid medications for weight loss and health Important Information For Those on Thryoid meds and or SSRI’s Considering how many people are on thyroid meds and or SSRI’s, it’s surprising – especially in the case of thyroid medications – how much confusion exists in the medical community on how best to treat people with hypothyroid.

Not sure how to eat for fitness? Quick & easy guide to pre-workout meals!

Benefits Of Sand Bag Training! If you have watched my videos over the years, you know I’m a fan. Here’s why; Sandbag training is some of the most productive “functional” training around. The sandbags Ultimate Sandbag takes sandbag training to another level. They have handles and grips, and are very well made. The number of exercises you can do with the sandbags is virtually endless

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Got Shoulder Pain? Aches and pains are very common to athletes and people who exercise regularly. The shoulders are a common area for chronic aches and pains. Some times the pain is due to a specific injury which needs to be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. However, much of the time the aches and pain in the shoulders are due to muscle imbalances in the rotator cuff muscles...

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