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A Taurus will change for two reasons: They have learned enough to want to change or They have been hurt enough to have to change. Boy, is this Mr...

week 3 #1 The audience sympathizes with Nora about how she has no independence and cannot do what she wants to do all the time. They think it is unfair and therefore start to feel bad for her and are on her side and sympathize for her.

I need to remember this! Thing is I just don't want to resort to the old ways to achieve this.

"A Taurus will bend over backwards to please you, until you tell that first lie" Unfortunately people often find this out the hard way! If you want to stay friends, it's better to tell the truth.

A trait I fight every day. Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for all fun zodiac related content!

Before you open your mouth... ask yourself, Is it Kind? Is it Helpful? Will it make them Smile?

Had that happen yesterday... Being a parent in today's world is hard. and devastating at times.