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FINAL SALE Women's Vintage Winter Parka Coat by Maine Guide - s/m

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

How to Spot a Snow Witch! This witch can be found huddling over her spellbooks in a place where summer is a distant dream… The rest of the series is here!

#yonderly, adjective, alright so the actual-word status of some of these is slightly questionable, bastardization, yonder, faraway, distant, emotion, aloof, words, other-wordly, otherwordly, Y,

"... But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams / his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream / his wings are clipped and his feet are tied / so he opens his throat to sing. // The caged bird sings / with a fearful trill / of things unknown / but longed for still / and his tune is heard / on the distant hill / for the caged bird / sings of freedom." - Maya Angelou

'The Rainbow Book of American Folk Tales and Legends' illustrated by Marc Simont, 1958

One day I'll visit The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It has always been a dream of mine :)

"Take me to the end of my rope, to cross a new rode. Discover lands in a distant dream, only to see myself staring back at me. Adventure."

from Etsy

Bridesmaid Mirror Compacts - Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts Unique Bridesmaid Compact Mirror Personalized Gifts for Women (EB3166) - set of 6

Personalized Compact Mirrors make unique gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honor gifts Bridesmaid Mirror Compacts by Mod Party

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Basic Thai For Travelers: Essential Phrases You Need to Know

Planning to travel around Thailand? Here are a few essential phrases and words that you have to know! Learning a language and embracing their culture is definitely part of the whole experience.