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Cornelio Scipio Africanus * 235 BC in Rome, † 183 v. Chr. Was a general in the Second Punic War and statesman of the Roman Republic.

4th century A.D. Roman mosaic unearthed in Lod, Israel, in 1996,

Emperor Elagabalus (Heliogabalus), head of Roman sculpture (marble), 3rd century AD, (Palazzo Nuovo, Rome). [by Brian Topp]

Augustin Pajou. Psyche Abandoned. 1790. Marble. Musée du Louvre. Paris, France.

Scipio Africanus, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, the roman general victor of the battle of Zama, which ended the Second Punic War in 202 B.C. from the Villa dei Papyri, Herculaneum. Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples

The Portland Vase (late 1st century B.C.-early 1st century A.D.) Glass, Roman, The British Museum

The Roman general and consul, Sulla, cast the die for the fall of the Roman Republic. Sulla was the first Roman consul to march on Rome, which he followed by an almost full seizure power over the Republic. Sulla redeemed himself in 81BC by relinquishing the powers he had seized and reinstating the Republic, but his actions were the model followed soon afterward by Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar marched on Rome in 49BC but did not reinstate the Republic and democratic rule was lost.

Michelangelo - Detail of the Pieta, in St. Peters Basilica in Rome

So-called Lucius Junius Brutus - the founder of the Roman Republic and…

Venus de Lespuge, 19.000 B.C.