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How to Install a Vapor Barrier in a Crawlspace

How to Install a Vapor Barrier in a Crawlspace ~~ This article will show you how to add 6 mil plastic sheeting on the ground and insulate the walls in your crawlspace. We use foil-faced rigid insulation to keep the space under the house dry. The plastic and the insulation will eliminate any moisture problems you have in the crawlspace, such as water droplets collecting on the concrete walls and pipes.

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Basement Finishing Tips

Install Drainage Mats for a Warmer, Drier Floor - 14 Basement Finishing Tips:

Viper® CS is a vapor barrier designed specifically for controlling moisture migration in crawl space applications. Its bright white color will give any crawl space a fresh, clean look.

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Finishing a Basement: 10 Things You Must Know

10 Things You Must Know: Finishing a Basement A finished basement is a great addition to a home. Use these expert tips to make your renovation go smoothly.

The problems in a house with a crawlspace—mold, wood rot, pests, cold floors, buckling hardwoods—all can be linked back to moisture problems in the crawlspace. The old school of thought of adding more vents to circulate outside air through the crawlspace does not fix the moisture problems but actually makes them worse.

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How to Carpet a Basement Floor

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Basement Renovation: DRIcore Subfloor Installation

DRIcore Subfloor - DRIcore® is the one-step engineered subfloor solution that is specifically designed for basements. The raised moisture barrier covers cold, damp concrete to protect, insulate and cushion your finished floors.

The Importance of Fatty Acids, pH & the Moisture Barrier: How I Eliminated my Acne & Decreased my Skin Sensitivity

WhiteCap™ Crawl Space Vapor Barrier - Our vapor barrier is a 20-mil thick liner with a mold resistance inhibitor built-in. This liner is used on dirt crawl spaces and on the walls. The liner completely stops any moisture or vapors from creeping into a home's air. When totally encapsulated, this vapor barrier system protects your home from poor air quality, bugs, and rodents.