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I'll never forget her and she'll always have a part of me

27 yrs. you were my life. Then our child was born, 23 yrs is too short, then came the best... 20 months wasn't enough. Now you're all gone. I want to be gone too. Please God... Why did you leave just me. They were my life.

I miss u...Jan 6,2011...seems so long ago..but th hurt is still th same..

i hate u i love u Lyrics | Gnash (Feat. Olivia O'Brien) - YouTube

its not easy moving on from this heartbreak

i hate u i love u gnash music lyrics do you miss me like i miss you messed around and got attached to you friends can break your heart too im always tired but never of you

How can I not feel like the dirty little secret you will always keep...just the crazy friend who lost it....never that you loved me and wanted me too....keep it on the low

Haha, never have been, never will be. I'm fat, have self harm scars, hate myself. I'm not pretty. At all.

I'll never understand why God gave me such a heart for you, all I know to do now is pray like you're dying so that you will find The Truth, The Way and The Life... Jesus save him from himself!

I don't understand, I never will. You helped me understand how to laugh and how to love. However I didn't need those tears falling from my face, I've cried for 11 years straight there's no need for any of that.